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Inspired by the blaxsploitation films of the 70s, this campy episodic blatantly shifts the focus on racial issues in such films to issues of gender and sexuality. The series follows the gay Jonny Pimp and the transgendered Honey Ho, the queerest duo in town, as they fight to keep the "gayborhood" safe from the drug-dealing, gay-napping, heterosexual Big Daddy and his goons.




Adventures in Queersploitation
Web Spotlight
by Gordon Bowness

Freeze, muthafucka!

Pimp And Ho launches this week, a made for the web series of short vignettes set in [Vancouver’s] g
aybourhood, featuring queer dynamic duo Johnny Pimp and Honey Ho as hairdryer-blasting crime fighters.

The twist - if that’s not twisted enough - is that everyone speaks as if they were trapped in a 1970s blaxsploitation film.

"I’ve studied film history," says writer/director/producer Mark Kenneth Woods (who also plays Pimp). "In the ‘70s, there were a number of films targeting black audiences where black heroes fought white oppressors. I wanted to apply that formula to homos."

"It’s entertaining - and stylish."

His cross-dressing co-star is Vancouver landmark Cotton of the House of Venus.

Launching Mon, Nov 19, a new episode of Pimp And Ho, running from 90 seconds to two and half minutes, will follow each week (till Dec 17).

Next summer, Woods plans to do another Pimp And Ho series a la James Bond; the grad student at York University hopes to use them as his thesis.

The show is available on Wayoutwest TV, a Vancouver-based website featuring all-queer original programming (in QuickTime and Real Player formats); it began earlier this year with West of Denman, a soap opera set in Vancouver’s gay neighbourhood.

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Pimp & Ho: Adventures in Queersploitation (1-5)

Writer/Director/Producer - Mark Kenneth Woods
Camera/Editor/Producer - Robert-John Farrow
Original Music - Dickey Doo for Dixmix Productions

Jonny Pimp - Mark Kenneth Woods
Honey Ho - Cotton
Baby DJ - Dickey Doo
Big Daddy - Bruce Walkinshaw
Ladybug - Alison Maddaugh
Drug Dealer - Bradley Congram
Big Daddy’s Girls - Kandy Kerrisdale,
Shayna Shaughnessy
Big Daddy’s Goon - Tracey Bell

Special Thanks to Tracey Bell

Thanks to
Michael Venus
The House of Venus
Michael Buchanan
Peter and Vicki Kerasiotis
Stacy Kerasiotis
Michelle Rogers
Anne and Ken Woods


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