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wayoutwest.tv a media-rich entertainment site that brings all-original programming, straight from the heart of Vancouver, B.C.'s independent filmmaking community, to the internet. Digital filmmakers, actors, writers, musicians, DJ's, and other artists have come together to create live-action comedic and dramatic web series'.

On March 4, 2001 we put our very first one-minute teaser online and were excited to find that within a week, dozens of people from 6 countries were watching. Every week since, this page has been updated with a brand new look. In the past four years, we have seen our little site grow from a single one-minute teaser to 48 episodes of 12 different series, and from hundreds of visitors in 6 countries, to hundreds of thousands of visitors in over 130 countries.

In the spring of 2002, our ardent fans campaigned the Canadian digital cable network PrideVision TV, resulting in the creation of the 7-episode half-hour series "wayoutwest.tv" which began airing nationwide in the fall of that same year. From our home in Vancouver to your homes around the world, thank you all for tuning in.

Anyone with DSL, Cable or a dial-up 56k modem can view the shows in QuickTime, Real Player and Windows Media Player formats. Episodes range from one and a half to eight minutes in length and are free for all users.

This site is currently funded entirely by its artists, all of whom volunteer their time. We hope other artists around the world will be inspired by our efforts to create similar sites in their communities and share their culturally unique stories that are not represented in traditional media.

Aug 2007 wayoutwest.tv started the video blog section. Posting videos from other filmmakers around the world.




This website contains adult themes and content.
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