Purple Karma Five
Hip-Hop Fashion for Charity

PK5 - the fifth annual Purple Karma fashion show! This salute to hip-hop took place in Vancouver Thurs, May 16, 2002 at the Purple Onion Cabaret (www.purpleonion.com) to raise money for A Loving Spoonful, a volunteer driven society that provides free, nutritious meals to people living with HIV/AIDS in the Greater Vancouver Area.
Every day, A Loving Spoonful delivers approximately 350 meals to men, women and children who are primarily homebound with AIDS. The average meal cost is only $3.33. All PK5 proceeds donated to A Loving Spoonful. For more, visit: www.alovingspoonful.org



PK5 Special
Camera/Editor - Robert-John Farrow
Producers for PK5 - Mean Munchkin & Snuggly Bunny in Conjunction with Mindo Media and Shane Bodie
Original Music - Keep your Eyes on Me. by Shane Bodie
Special Guest Vocals - Lady Precise
Drummers - "Pher" Gautreau and Mel Siermaczeski
Choreographer- Ben Newcombe
Fashion - Dream Apparel, Pooneh Krausher, Jezabel/Khafra, Terra Burst, The Cambie,Here and Now/Dadabase, Motherland, ChiNOISE, Slant 6, Flo Sport, White Label, Liquid CLothing, Kawabata-Ya!, Little Blue Star, Some Product, Morgan de Toi, Pyrrha Designs, Ayrtight
Shoes Provided by IQ on Robson
Makeup - Cargo from Beauty Mark.
PK5 Hair/Makeup - Darcy Madrigga, Lexi Slade, Karin Shoji, Tara Dean, Judith Brennan, Trevor Wehmann, Christopher/Moods, Stephen/Stratosphere, ONE Salon in Kits.
Models - Gianna Patton, Sandra Walker, Andrea Cunningham, Chantel, Michelle, Tamara Lashley, Jennifer Hedges Tia Alexander, Kyo, Marylin, Jeremy Hubert, Doug, James Nesbitt, Johnathan, Victoria, Sherri, Tara and Rapheal.
Set - Hitoshi Okamoto and James Nesbitt
Graffiti Art and Design - New Funk Murals


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