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Sleep all day.
Party all night.
It's fun to be a tranny vampire.

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The Lost Girls is the first of a growing series of improvised Halloween specials. Shot with a night vision camera and later tinted red, The Lost Girls came into being without a script, storyboards, crew or trained actors. In pseudo-documentary style, both The Lost Girls and Westend Werewolf feature actors playing themselves in their ordinary lives, but extraordinary situations. Armed with a basic story outline, a handheld camera and the desire to subvert the vampire genre film, The Lost Girls was shot in sequence over the course of two long nights in September 2001.




The Lost Girls

A Film by Robert-John Farrow
Music by Dickey Doo

Special Guest Appearence by

Lil'Jay Douglas
Michael Venus
Curtis Vertefeuille
Elijah Barnett
Steve Stiletto

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