Wiggle 12 - double the trouble
Vancouver's annual wig and headress fashion extravaganza.

Far from Paris and Milan, Vancouver hosts the 12 annual wiggle fashion extravaganza by the House of Venus. Models and Artists spend months making all-original wigs and headdresses. Watch as they live out their big hair runway fantasies in front of an adoring audience. 



Wiggle 12
Camera/Editor/ - Robert-John Farrow
Camera - Joel Skogman
Original Music - Dickey Doo for Dixmix Productions


Stars of the Venus Underground

Thanks for the cameras:
Mark Kenneth Woods
Michael Venus


A quote from Hostess Joan-e's monolgue

“I have always thought that the best part about being in Vancouver when you look at fashion shows, drag shows or any sort of things that happen in a bar is the creativity. It’s very easy to spend a million dollars and be creative, you can have people flying around, and you can have people in Chanel dresses, Money can buy art in that way. I am so impressed every year that in this show that the things that look like a million dollars may have cost twenty dollars. That is the testament to why this show is such a success. The people here dig so deep and they come up with some great amazing things. We are about to see an absolutely fabulous show that is based on art not money.”


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