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Brandon is new to the west-end,
Tyler has done the west-end,
and Amy needs roommates.

As the show that launched on March 4, 2001, West of Denman is the only continuing series on West of Denman was created to tell the everyday stories of a community whose true stories are mostly absent from mainstream media. Touching on both the lighter and darker sides of queer life, West of Denman has something for everyone.




West of Denman (1-10)

Exec. Producer/Director Editor/Sound Design - Robert-John Farrow
Producer - Morris Chapdelaine
Story by Robert-John Farrow
Screenplay by Todd Bell
Story Editor - Carol Phiniotis
Score - Peter Rhymer
Songs contributed by Kim Kuzma
Original Music by Dickey-Doo
Special Effects Make-Up - Ami Coulter

Brandon - Justin Stilwell
Amy - Anya MacLeod
Tyler - Clint Wilson
Toby - Morgan Brayton
Trudy - Trudy Wynans

Gaetan - Giovanni Amenta
Billy - Terrence James Shanks
Guy at Coffee Shop - Todd Oberg
The ‘Driver’ - David Haus
The Mystery Man - Morris Chapdelaine
The Cute Boy - A.J. Tripp
Victoria - Colleen Wheeler
Guy at Club - Gary Bremner
Coffee Shop Worker - Donovan Stilwell
Shopper - Julia Dennis

Nicole Lagrecca

Written By Kim Kuzma
Performed By Kim Kuzma

Special Thanks To:
The Royal Hotel
Dufferin Hotel
True Value Vintage
The Odyssey Night Club
Delany’s on Denman
Nic’s Garage
Doll & Penny’s Cafe
Christy Fenwick and the Barclay Manor
Todd Bell and Christopher Buchner
The City of Vancouver

Produced with the co-operation
of the
Union of B.C. Performers


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